About Aimee

I love to write.

I am passionate about marketing, mass media and sales.

Ever find yourself filled with ideas and wish that you could keep them all in one place?

This is my place.

My college degree is Integrated Strategic Communications (try saying that 5 times fast!) with a minor in Mass Media.  Basically, I studied integrated media strategies and why they’re awesome (fast forward to today – integrated media is a necessity).  I literally studied advertising.  Who would want to look at ads all day?  I do! My husband will laugh, but he we can hardly get through an evening of TV viewing without me sharing why a commercial was great or not so great.

I’ve been in sales since 2006 and have discovered through working with small businesses that there is a need for guidance with new media because the way we communicate with customers is evolving at a fast pace.

My experience is with cable advertising, online advertising, lead lists, magazine advertising, social media and I’m currently committed to learning more about SEO and new digital opportunities.

Here’s what I hope to share:

  • Sales techniques
  • Motivation & inspiration
  • Social media guidance
  • New media thoughts
I’ll also be sharing info from people I consider experts in these fields as well. Enjoy!
Aimee Griffith

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