Success isn’t destiny.


Freedom - Zenos Frudakis Sculpture

Success isn’t destiny.
Success is a choice.

Everyday we make choices. We may not realize it because it’s a habit or just who we are. By realizing we have a choice we see we have more control over our success than we think.

There are 2 types of choices we make.

A) Proactive – unprovoked initiatives we take by choice.
B) Reactive – how we choose to respond to a situation presented to us.

We choose our career paths.
We choose to procrastinate or face tasks straight on.
We choose to keep learning or just get by.
We choose to be proactive or wait and watch.
We choose to be on time or early…. or late.
We choose what upsets us and what we let go of.
We choose to reach out to help or ignore others in need.
We choose to ask for help or figure it out on our own.
We choose to be open to new ideas or stand by traditional methods.
We choose to have a positive or negative attitude.
We choose to challenge ourselves or stay comfortable.
We choose to give back to our community or watch others.
We choose to pay it forward or take.
We choose how to respond to adversity.

No one is perfect. Everyone makes the wrong choices at some point.

The great thing about taking personal accountability for the choices we make is that we can wake up tomorrow and choose wiser. Make different calls. Take action. Say no or say yes.

Choose to be successful. This isn’t like the board game “Life.” We don’t roll the dice and accept our fate. The choice is ours.


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